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From Draft NOtices, January-March 2017

Uncertainties over Female Draft Registration and Future of Selective Service

— Rick Jahnkow

For the time being, efforts in Congress to require women to register for the draft have failed. . . . Instead, Congress voted to establish a National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, with a mandate to study whether “there continues to be a continuous or potential need for a military selective service process. And if so, whether such a system should include mandatory registration by all citizens and residents, regardless of sex [sic]."-Full Article

Rebuttal to Groups Supporting Female Draft Registration

In July 2016, a letter in support of draft registration for women, signed by 16 organizations, was sent to the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. The joint letter was coordinated by the national American Civil Liberties Union and was sent on ACLU letterhead.-Full Article

NODAPL in North Dakota: A Militarized Response to Peaceful Protest

Jesus Mendez Carbajal

One of the important and inspiring movements happening in the U.S. is the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) propelled by the Great Sioux Nation and many worldwide supporters. -Full Article


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