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Articles from Draft NOtices, July-September 2014

Draft Registration Requirement Advances for Calif. Driver’s License


The California bill that would require male driver’s license applicants to register for a possible future military draft has moved forward in the state legislature.

AB 2201 is now in the hands of the Senate Appropriations Committee, where it will be given a hearing on August 4. If it is approved by that committee, it will go to the full Senate for a floor vote. It if passes there it will go to the governor’s office for his signature or veto.-Full Article

JROTC Instructors Can Now Apply to Teach PE in California

Governor Intervenes to reverse earlier credential decision

— Rick Jahnkow

In April of this year, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) voted to reject proposed changes to a state regulation that, if approved, would have established a way for JROTC instructors to qualify for authorization to teach physical education in their military science and basic military drill classes. Under the proposal, JROTC instructors would have had to either pass a special skills test — the California Subject Examination for Teachers — or complete an approved subject matter program, but they still would have been exempt from the more extensive academic standards that must be met to obtain a regular PE teaching credential.-Full Article

Report Exposes Mistreatment of GIs by Fort Hood Leadership

Testimonies recount unethical health care practices, command disregard of medical advice, and violations of base policy.

— Rena Guay and Kathleen Gilberd

This Memorial Day, a national group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their supporters marked the solemn holiday by exposing unethical healthcare practices at the largest Army post in the country, Fort Hood. Commanders with no medical training deploying ill and injured soldiers against doctors’ recommendations are among the shocking discoveries revealed in the groundbreaking report, Operation Recovery: Fort Hood Soldiers and Veterans Testify on the Right to Heal (also referred to as the Fort Hood Testimony Report).-Full Article

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