Draft NOtices is COMD's quarterly printed newsletter

 Draft NOtices Graphic

Draft NOtices is a quarterly newsletter that has been published continuously by COMD since 1980. Articles include news and analysis on topics like:

  • Racism, sexism and homophobia in the military
  • Key legislation
  • Military recruiting and Jr. ROTC
  • Grassroots organizing against militarism in schools
  • Conscription and draft registration
  • Military spending
  • War and the environment
  • U.S. military intervention

Sample articles are posted each issue on our web site. Complete issues of the newsletter are available in hardcopy only by mail*.

Articles in the July-September 2023 issue of Draft NOtices:

Federal Legislation Seeks to Restrict High School Junior ROTC
Ana Basaldua Ruiz: Another Tragedy at Fort Hood
• Teacher Education Programs Are Places to Challenge Militarism
• Counter-recruitment Booth at the Annual Chicano Park Day Celebration
• Protect Student Privacy: Student Opt-out Forms

Back Issues of Draft NOtices can be found in the digital collections of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Library. Visit: https://credo.library.umass.edu/search?q=draft+notices

*To receive Draft NOtices in the mail: Draft NOtices is a hardcopy newsletter delivered only to postal addresses. To request a subscription, simply send an email, along with your postal address (required), to contact[at]comdsd.org. If you wish to make a contribution to help cover the cost of DN, please send a check and use the coupon on the About Us page (unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to make a credit card donation).