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From Draft NOtices,
July-September 2017

Removing a Few “Bad Hombres”: Veterans and Deportation

Isidro Ortiz

In the last presidential debate in 2016, when candidate Donald Trump announced that his immigration policy would emphasize deportations, little attention was paid to the issue of how veterans might be affected. Few, if any, inquired whether veterans would be deported. The lack of attention and concern are partially due to the persistence of myths about the immigration issue and veterans. Moreover, since Trump had earlier suggested that the deportation would focus on getting rid of “bad hombres,” it was assumed that veterans would not be affected by President Trump’s immigration policy. After all, it’s hard to conceive of men and women who have served their country as “bad” people meriting deportation.-Full Article

Connecticut Peace Group Engages Students with a Peace Wheel

Peter G. Anderheggen

Winsted Area Peace Action has been visiting high schools in northwestern Connecticut for at least ten years. The purpose of our visits has been to introduce and discuss with students alternative methods of service to the country and non-military means of earning money after high school. Our goal is to bring some contrast to the appeal of the military, which spends many millions of dollars in its recruiting efforts.-Full Article


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