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Articles from Draft NOtices, April-June 2015

Why Environmental Justice Requires Opposing Militarism

— Karen GuzmXn

More often than not, history classes teach our children that the attack on Pearl Harbor is what triggered and awoke the “sleeping giant” and led the United States to enter WWII. Most history classes also teach that it was the United States who ended WWII with the dropping of two atomic bombs on (the already weak) Japan, killing an estimated 200,000 innocent civilians. -Full Article

Action Needed

Undocumented Students Are Hostages in New Attempt to Make Draft Registration Automatic in California

— Rick Jahnkow

California’s large population has one of the lowest Selective Service registration rates in the country. This would make a future return to the draft less likely because so many men (yes, it’s still male-only) would be beyond the government’s reach. For the seventh time, however, Selective Service is asking the California state legislature to boost registration compliance by making it mandatory and automatic in order to receive a California driver’s license.-Full Article

Student Debt and Activism

— Amanda Jordan

Student debt is an important deterrent that keeps students from considering social justice work after college. Rather than investing time or intellectual curiosity in social justice and peacemaking, after graduation my peers focus on “paying dues to The Man” rather than fighting him.-Full Article

Cost of the War in Iraq
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