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Articles from Draft NOtices, January-March 2014

Signs of a Coming Push to Further Militarize Schools

— Rick Jahnkow

In May 2013 the Military Times newspapers carried an article titled, “Services Prepare for Scant Recruiting Year.” It began with the following sentence:

Finding recruits to join the military in 2014 could be increasingly challenging, even with declining recruiting goals, defense and service personnel officials are warning Congress.

It went on to say that it is hard to see the problem because the active-duty military has been meeting its goals for quality and quantity of recruits, but then the Army Reserve missed its goals in the first quarter of fiscal 2013.-Full Article

Immigration Reform and the Military

— Jesus D. Mendez Carbajal, Project YANO Intern

According to a 2008 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, there are an estimated 11 million undocumented (im)migrants living in the United States, mostly from various Latin America countries. This past year saw strong support and momentum for the immigrant rights movement, which ignited a push for a truly comprehensive immigration reform bill. Legislation has been introduced but is currently at a standstill in Congress.-Full Article

Legal Changes in Military Sexual Assault

— Kathy Gilberd

The Department of Defense has just released preliminary figures showing that reported cases of sexual assaults in the military have increased by 50% in the last fiscal year -- from 3,374 in 2012 to more than 5,000 in 2013. While DoD officials are still evaluating the numbers, their initial public statement claims that this does not represent an increase in the total number of sexual assaults (which they assume to be about the same as the 26,000 cases in 2012), but rather in the number of people willing to come forward and file reports after having been assaulted-Full Article

Cost of the War in Iraq
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